We are paintball!

How can we equip you?

We rent high-quality semi-automatic Tippmann weapons. The prices include rental of a gun with pressured air for the whole game time, a safe thermal masks and gloves.

All you need are sturdy shoes.

Some useful facts

  1. For a simple game you'll need at least 4 up to 12 people (depending on a particular field). There is no maximum number of people.
  2. If you are on your own or can't get a group of min. 8 people, let us know and we will try to merge you with another group.
  3. We reserve the right to merge groups (the more people the better the game).
  4. You can play in your own clothes, without having to be worried about it. Paintball paints are harmless and biodegradable. Once your clothes gets stained it can be easily washed.
  5. Pellets can be purchased at every pitch.

Standard equipment

weapon, compressed air for the game time, thermal mask, gloves, camo overall + 500 paints

39 € / person

Advanced equipment

weapon, compressed air for the game time, thermal mask, gloves, camo overall + 1000 paints

57 € / person

Price for more paints

minimum order 100 pieces

4 € / 100 paints

Cash payment is possible, we do not accept credit cards.

Would you like to take a break?

Do you want to grill? No problem with us! We have no time limit.

Opening hours: 9-20:00 or until dark

How to create a gift voucher?

  1. You can study our offer in detail here.
  2. The voucher can be ordered by email at paintballarenacheb@seznam.cz or a simple call at +420 773 450 130
  3. Ordered gift voucher can be either be picked up in person at one of our fields or we'll send it to your the address or e-mail it to you in a PDF file. The recipient of our voucher can adjust the term of a game according to his/her needs.
  4. Each voucher is valid only with the handwritten signature of our instructor.
  5. The gift voucher can be used only once and before it expires.

Do you really want to hit someone's heart?

Give them a gift voucher for the Paintball Arena Cheb. Since everyone has different desires, so we tailor gift vouchers to anyone's wish.

We are curious who will you send on a mission to us. :)

Though we might be hiding in a trench as we speak, we are listening


Call us at +420 773 450 130

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