We are paintball!

4 indoor fields and 3 outdoor playgrounds waiting for your action

A total of 7 small fields with a capacity of 4-30 people each makes our Paintball Arena in Střížov, one of the most popular paintball playgrounds in the region.

Individual fields are built in different styles, so regardless of the number of visits, you will never be bored. In addition, each field offers multiple potential starts.

Look forward to trenches, wooden barriers, natural barriers, stairs, towers, houses, a whole city built inside with real car wrecks and more. There is even a smaller field for speedball. All of these fields are the perfect fit for smaller groups, including beginners.

Střížov (near Cheb)

ZIP code 350 02
GPS: 50.097695, 12.355738

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33 000 m²

4-120 players

What can you find there?

Forest terrain

Grassy terrain


Artifical barriers


Hilly terrain

Use of pyrotechnics

200-300 bar air refilling

Refreshments by arrangement


7 small fields to be used separately or combined

You can choose which of the smaller fields will become your paintball field. If you come in greater numbers you can play at multiple fields at once.

Outdoor you will find trenches, towers, bunkers, artificial barriers and much more. If you have a good shot, quite possibly you'll make it even to the car with a machine-gun. Yes, you read correctly.


Bring your trigger up to speed

The barriers are built for a speed game. Therefore, 4 to 30 players are just enough.


A whole town within

A wooden town with 3 streets, car wrecks and houses is a true rarity in the country. It's ideal for 4 to 40 players.

Big Speedhall

A quickie on larger a field

Also this field is built for a speed game. Since it's slightly bigger it can welcome up to 40 players.

Upper Outdoor Playground

A hideout in the trecnhes

Get ready for artificial barriers, high shooting from the tower, and low shooting from the trench.

Lower Outdoor Playground

A whirl around an airplane

The field features wooden buildings, trenches, cars, guns and even aircraft.

Mini Speedfield

Welcome into the wilderness

Reduced paintball field for quick and even more action-packed game.

How to get there?

Address: The field itself doesn't hold an exact address. First aim for the Střížov village, about 5 km far from Cheb. Once you enter the village, sings will direct you to the site. ZIP code 350 02.

GPS: 50.097695, 12.355738

How about parking?

Parking can be found in the field's complex. The whole parking lot is fenced by protective nets, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your car. The parking lot serves also as a seating area (during bad weather you can rest inside pergolas).

Though we might be hiding in a trench as we speak, we are listening


Call us at +420 773 450 130

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