We are paintball!

Get through the trenches to sieze the barracks

Prepare for a fierce fight over the former barracks Ministry of Interior. It's a 4 storey building filled with obstacles, which you can use as loopholes.

The field is quite flexible, so both beginners and advanced players can enjoy playing in all parts of the field.

Černý Mlýn

Černý Mlýn u Sokolova, PSČ 356 01
GPS: 50.143649, 12.608478

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11 000 m²

12-50 players

What can you find there?

Forest terrain

Grassy terrain

Hilly terrain



Artifical barriers

Use of pyrotechnics by arrangement

200-300 bar air refilling

Refreshments by arrangement


How to get there?

Address: Černý Mlýn u Sokolova, ZIP code 356 01

GPS: 50.143649, 12.608478

How about parking?

Though we might be hiding in a trench as we speak, we are listening


Call us at +420 773 450 130

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