We are paintball!

We rent paintball equipment and organize events with all the trimmings

We arrange paintball events for small and large groups of people on our playgrounds or at requested locations. Whether you're a bunch of friends, a group of work colleagues or a school trip, we will provide you a unique experience unlimited by time. You pay only for equipment and ammunition fired - if you want to play all day long, so be it.

How does it work?

  1. We'll show you how to properly treat paintball weapons.
  2. We'll brings you up to speed on safety and game rules.
  3. We'll borrow you the appropriate equipment (weapons, masks, paints, etc.).
  4. We will help you to split into two teams that play against each other.
  5. Individual teams will be distinguished by clearly visible colored armbands.
  6. You can choose game type (eg. Flag, Shoot Out, VIP etc.).
  7. During the game, you will be supervised by our experienced referees. They will oversee that the rules and all safety precautions are followed.

Paintball is there for everyone unafraid to break a sweat

Are you a bunch of friends?

Paintball is a fast growing sport that uses physical activity to bind the team. You can try it out at one of our 5 playgrounds or we can organize a paintball game at your preferred location.

Paintball is:

  1. available to all newbies
  2. easy to learn and grasp
  3. ideal for collective entertainment

Are you looking for a little business distraction?

Strengthen relations between employees or with your major trading partners. At your command we can arrange a private paintball event for an unlimited number of participants with all services and mentoring. Any day of the week throughout the whole Czech Republic.

Paintball can:

  1. improve communication and organization skills
  2. get rid of stress and negative emotions
  3. create informal and friendly relationships between individual players

Are you planning a school trip?

Paintball is the perfect way to help individuals find their role in the team and to practice clear communication. Each player will learn to react quickly and simultaneously to rely on each other. In short, it's way more fun than just an ordinary school trip*.

* For players younger than 15 years old we require a written parental consent.

Paintball helps to:

  1. create a cohesive school group
  2. enhance physical condition
  3. deal with stressful periods and to improve interpersonal communication

Do you have a special wish?

We'd be happy to make you an individual proposal. We can set up a fitting program based on the number of people and your budget.

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