We are paintball!

3 reasons to rely on our aim

The best prices on the region

If you find another paintball equipment rental with our prices, tell us. We doubt it's real.

We're open 365 day a year

If you're tough enough not to be stopped by rain or snow, feel free to come play any day, any time.

Unique playgrounds

There are 5 special playgrounds to choose from. The one in Cheb is divided into 7 smaller ones.

Where to find our fields

What's coming up soon?

14. 7. 2015

Bitva tří národů

Další ročník velmi úspěšného paintballového turnaje pro bezpečnostní a záchranné složky.

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3. 7. 2015

Nová profesionální kamera

S novou profesionální kamerou jsme nyní schopni pro vás pořídit ještě lepší akční videa přímo z boje.

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24. 6. 2015

Kolaudace nového hřiště

U nás si můžete paintball zahrát za opravdu každého počasí. Déšť, sníh ani nic jiného není překážkou.

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„Many people ask us…

… why paintball? Well, it's hard to explain until you're hiding in a trench and waiting for a clear shot while paints are cutting the air around you.

In short Paintball is a game that allows you to completely clear your head for a while and also stretch your entire body. It is up to your tactics, whether you're just covering someone from your team or trying luck on your own. The diversity of our playgrounds provides virtually unlimited game scenarios - meaning every time something new.

I can hardly convey the experience of the games and battles, which I fought with my friends and colleagues. But what I can arrange is to give you an opportunity to create these experiences on your own.”

Jan Kuběnka

Jan Kuběnka
The Owner of Paintball Arena Cheb

How to book the Paintball Arena?

Call us anytime and arrange everything right away

+420 773 450 130

Or go to our offer and pick something you like

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Though we might be hiding in a trench as we speak, we are listening


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